In 2006, the McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) was formed by the National Capitol Revitalization Corporation (NCRC) as an unincorporated non-profit to serve as a forum to represent residents’ and the community’s concerns as they relate to the development of the McMillan Sand Filtration Site. Although NCRC is a now defunct DC Government entity, the MAG has continued to function with the support of the District and Vision McMillan Partners (VMP). As stated in the original guidelines of the MAG, the MAG’s “purpose is to represent residents’ concerns as they relate to the development of the site known as ‘McMillan Sand Filtration Site’”.

With this in mind, the MAG communicates the community’s perspective throughout the master planning of the Site. This group serves as a mechanism for shaping the creation of the master plan by participating in ongoing dialogue with the developmental partners. It serves an advisory function in that the MAG does not have the ability to veto specific elements of the proposed site development plan. The group executes its advisory role through consensus building and conducts its internal business and advisory role through quorum counts or vote taking. A quorum is reached when at least 50% of the total active status MAG membership must agree (vote) to move an action item forward (e.g. formal advisory recommendation to a District Office). The group is also tasked with disseminating to the community any outcome of monthly meetings and facilitates the communication of neighborhood concerns to the developmental partners.

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