MAG Creation and Oversight

MAG Amended Bylaws – November 2014

MAG Letter of Commitment (2007) – commitment between Vision McMillan Partners (VMP), the District, through the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED), and the McMillan Advisory Group (MAG), as constituted by the National Capital Revitalization Corporation (NCRC). This agreement was made on behalf of VMP by what appears to be Tania Jackson (community outreach consultant) and another individual, on behalf of the MAG by Tony Norman, and on behalf of DMPED by McClinton Jackson III (former McMillan project director for DMPED).

The objective of this commitment was for these groups to work cooperatively in the production of a consensus based development on the McMillan Sand Filtration Site which balances economies with public benefit, preservation and community amenities. Creation of this document came about with the change in the role of VMP. Previously, VMP was to serve as Land Developer while NCRC served as Master Developer. Under this commitment, the MAG is agreeing to have VMP serve as Master Developer in so much as they comply with specific provisions, signed and agreed to by all parties. These provisions are as follows:

  • To develop in conjunction with MAG a formal and structured process for meeting and dialoguing with both MAG and the community with regard to vertical development of the site.
  • To develop a detailed community amenities package, in conjunction with MAG, ANC 5C (now ANC 5E), ANC 1B, Ward 5, Ward 1 Council representation and Chairperson of the City Council Committee on Economic Development, to include open space, historic preservation, mixed-income housing, job creation, local retail options, infrastructure upgrading, LSDBE participation, and other objectives.
  • To afford the MAG and above groups the opportunity to review and comment on the PUD and/or Master Plan before submission to regulatory agencies, including an opportunity to review all feasibility studies on the site (e.g. traffic, engineering, environmental).
  • Create a structured representative body with members to be approved by the MAG, the District and VMP
  • Create a mechanism through which to review options for mitigating historical impacts

The letter goes on to state that the terms of this letter of commitment shall be binding upon VMP, the Master Developer, and their prospective successors and assigns. Terms were to go into effect upon concurrence of VMP as the Master Developer.


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