Voting Members

According to the revised MAG bylaws, approved on September 12, 2013 by the MAG voting members, there are sixteen (16) voting member organizations representing twenty one (21) seats on the MAG. However, as stipulated in Section 6 of these same MAG bylaws, “voting members shall not encumber more than one voting member seat (i.e. hold multiple MAG voting seats based upon holding multiple community positions represented on the MAG).” Not all seats are currently occupied. As of January 2019, current membership on the MAG is as follows:

  1. ANC SMD 5E09: C. Dianne Barnes
  2. ANC SMD 1B10: Allyson Carpenter (inactive March 2015)
  3. ANC 5E Chair: Bradley Thomas (SMD 5E05)
  4. Bates Area Civic Association (BACA) Representative (1): Kyle Thomas (Mar17)
  5. Bloomingdale Civic Association (BCA) Representatives (2): Joe Levesque (Oct16), Bertha Holliday (Oct16)
  6. Channing Street Representatives (2): Isidro Mariscal, Jason Lee (Feb17)
  7. Eckington Civic Association (ECA) Representative (1):  Sylvia Pinkney
  8. Edgewood Civic Association Representative (1): Michael Clark
  9. Ledroit Park Civic Association Representative (1): Elizabeth Floyd
  10. McMillan Park Committee (2): Cheryl Wagner, Gwen Southerland (inactive)
  11. North Capitol Street NE (2): (both positions vacant, Nov19)
  12. Stronghold Civic Association Representatives (2): Kirby Vining, Doris Newton (SCA president)(Nov19)
  13. Park View Civic Association Representative (1): vacant
  14. Park Place Community (1): Brenda Alvarez (Feb19)
  15. Pleasant Plains Civic Association Representative (1): Tony Norman
  16. Hanover Civic Association Representative (1): Joyce Robinson Paul

There are 16 voting members on the MAG Board, as represented in the list above.

MAG Chair: Kirby Vining ( )(re-elected Nov. 2019)
MAG Vice Chair: Elizabeth Floyd (elected January, 2018)
MAG Recording Secretary: Cheryl Wagner (elected Nov. 2018)

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