The MAG usually meets on the 2nd Thursday of every second month at 7PM, a decision made by consensus of the MAG membership based on how little is going on concerning the McMillan project right now. Our current meeting place is the Inspired Teaching School, 200 Douglas St. NE (the old Shaed Elementary). All meetings are open to the public. Kirby’s cellphone, for details, is 202 213 2690. Meetings typically cover community concerns, committee reports, invited individuals representing topical areas, presentations by DMPED or other representatives of the project of any new proposed developments or changes to existing plans, and open discussion of issues around the MAG. According to the bylaws, annual elections will be held at the December 11th meeting, electing the Chair and Secretary positions. The Vice Chair position is elected in alternate years.

The next scheduled MAG meeting is scheduled to be on Thursday, July 11th at 7pm at the Inspired Teaching School, 200 Douglas St. NE (the old Shaed School). The April 11th meeting was cancelled by consensus due to the lack of an agenda. DMPED/DGS and/or the Gilbane Construction Company has apparently completed rehabilitation/preservation/stabilization for the structures in the two service courts, work begun in December, 2017. The Mayor’s Agent for Historic Preservation issued his order/decision, following summer 2017 hearings on remand of the case, has been issued effective April 12th and that order/decision is under the ‘appeal’ section of the MAG web page. That order has been appealed by the Friends of McMillan Park, oral arguments for which were held on October 17th. The Zoning Commission issued its order on the remand and that order is also under the ‘appeal’ section of the MAG web page. Oral briefs for that portion of the case were given on January 22nd, 2019. No date is known for a court decision on either of these parts of the case and no further court presentations are scheduled.


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