MAG Committees

We need volunteers! If you have a few hours to spare per month, sign up to be part of a MAG committee. The following Committees will facilitate a process of order on the MAG that will inform and integrate community input. Such committees will also facilitate the MAG in making focused recommendations to the City regarding proposed plans for the McMillan site.

Housing Committee (affordable and senior housing)
Purpose: To research the various types of senior and affordable housing and
provide income guidelines for each type and, will include all pertinent information. 

Members: Bertha Holiday (non-voting member),; Sylvia Pinkney,

Historical Preservation Committee
Purpose: To ensure preservation of the historical features, artifacts, vistas, and
elements of the McMillan site. Will provide oversight and monitoring of compliance
with historic preservation laws, offer best practices for any development on the site,
and request studies, i.e. environmental impact, engineering, etc., and will monitor current maintenance of the site.

Members: Kirby Vinning,; Cheryl Wagner,; Paul Cerruti,; Tony Norman,

Retail Committee
Purpose: To identify retail that is compatible with the site, including grocers, farmer’s markets, restaurants, eateries, coffee shops, other retail, based on community input. Will request marketing analysis and other pertinent studies.

CHAIR: Gwen Southerland,
Members: None

Community Center Committee
Purpose: To formulate and design details of the Center, to gain community input for the type of facility, including swimming, sports, and community meeting space(s).

Members: Doris Newton,; Mike Clark,; Gwen Southerland,

Park Committee
Purpose: To offer recommendations for design of the central park and all open green spaces. To research different types of parks, i.e., grand formal parks, garden room parks, relaxation parks, reservoir parks, active parks, etc. This committee will research and offer examples of existing parks, in particular, parks that were used for other functions or served a dual purpose, that are now public park space.

CHAIR: Chris Leptak,
Members: Paul Cerruti,; Bertha Holliday (non-voting member),; Todd Crosby (non-voting member),

Communications Committee
Purpose: To inform the community of meetings, hearings, notices that pertain to McMillan. Will create a communications system to ensure community awareness of all information and decisions.

CHAIR: Mathew Bader,
Members: Sam Shipley (non-voting member),

Traffic and Transportation Committee

CHAIR: Devi Keller,
Members: Bradley Thomas,; Sam Shipley (non-voting member),; Debbie Smith (non-voting member),

Buildings Committee
Purpose: To research the various types of buildings proposed in the Vision McMillan Partners, LLC Planned Unit Development (PUD) application and provide recommendations for each type.

CHAIR: Devi Keller,
Members: Mathew Bader,, Elizabeth Floyd,

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