Park Committee

Purpose: To offer recommendations for design of the central park and all open green spaces. To research different types of parks, i.e., grand formal parks, garden room parks, relaxation parks, reservoir parks, active parks, etc. This committee will research and offer examples of existing parks, in particular, parks that were used for other functions or served a dual purpose, that are now public park space.

Suggestions for park amenities based on community feedback (MAG Park Committee Update: 12.13.13):

1. Structures within the park area

  • Community & Recreation Center: design, amenities, museum, accessibility
  • Sand towers and regulator houses on the South Service Court: repurposed uses (art studios, café, beer garden, storage for kiosks, etc)
  • Semi-permanent but portable kiosks/stalls for farmers markets, art shows, community yard sales, etc

2. Plantings

  • Trees, gardens: location including burms, types, etc.
    • Hawthorne Trees to recreate the “allees” effect of the Olmsted Walk
    • Other original Olmsted plantings
  • Installation of permanent irrigation systems that use the stored storm water to maintain the green areas in the park (and elsewhere on the site if possible)

3. Walking Paths, Public Spaces, and Public Access

  • Olmstead walk with inclusion of benches and small areas of interest along the perimeter
  • Consider how these might be use specific (walking vs biking vs dog walking)
  • Composition of the materials for the paths
  • Pedestrian spaces: small plaza with café and large plaza with beer garden (shaded with trees and near-by garden areas)
  • “Speakers Corner” for impromptu performances
  • Recreate the grand entry staircases that existed at the corners of McMillan Park
  • Ensure that all parts of the park and recreation spaces are accessible to all age groups (ramps, elevators)

4. Community amenities

  • Dedicated children’s play area for multiple different age groups
  • Spray park for kids
  • Dog park
  • Play courts (basketball, volleyball, bocce, shuffleboard, etc)
  • Skate/board park (similar to the one at RI and Georgia)
  • Amphitheatre for outdoor performances (music, theater, misc events).
  • Bike share stations (not just in park area)

5. Water Features

  • Ponds, fountains, water falls, etc

6. Art Installations

  • Indoor (skyspace installation?) and outdoor (sculptures which reinterpret water, health, etc)
  • Use of the area for the 1st

7. Park Management

  • Dept Parks& Rec vs Endowed Conservancy
  • Street tunnel clean-out access?

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