Traffic and Transportation Committee

Traffic Impact Study issued by Gorove/Slade on behalf of Vision McMillan Partners – March 17, 2014: McMillan TIS

Prior to issuance of the study, residents attended a traffic impact overview meeting on Thursday, March 13th at All Nations Baptist Church as part of the larger McMillan Advisory Group meeting. Two representatives from Gorove/Slade (Mr. Van Pelt and [need other name]) led the presentation. Due to time constraints, meeting attendees were asked to submit written questions on index cards to which Anne Corbett, Project Director for Vision McMillan Partners, LLC, agreed to provide written responses by Friday, March 21st.

On April 3, 2014, an additional public meeting was held to discuss the TIS. Meeting attendees were split amongst two groups, one focusing on North Capitol Street concerns and the other on 1st Street concerns. Attendees were asked once again to submit written question on index cards to which Gorove/Slade provided answers verbally as time allowed. However, the development team agreed to provide written responses to all of the questions.

The full set of questions and answers to questions submitted by attendees can be found here: Traffic Impact Study – MAG and Public Meeting Questions

Any additional questions residents have upon reading the Traffic Impact Study should be submitted to


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