Phase I – Land Development Solicitation Attachments

01. Architectural and Archaeological Survey Eastern Portion (June 1990) – Funded by Office of Business and Economic Development, sent to the Department of Public Works, and conducted by Engineering Science, Inc. This survey was conducted to identify the architectural resources and potential archaeological resources in the project area and evaluate their potential eligibility for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Plance and the DC Historic Landmarks Register. Conclusions of the survey provided some basic historical context also noting that the “original site plan of the project area and all 56 structures remain virtually unaltered and therefore retain a high degree of architectural and engineering integrity…Three section of the project area were identified which may have the potential to yield significant historic and prehistoric archaeological resources. If redevelopment plans call for subsurface disturbance in these areas, a Phase I/II archaeological investigation is recommended.

02. Brookland Transportation Study 2005 (DRAFT)

03. Comprehensive Plan – Ward 5 – This is chapter 16, the Ward 5 Plan. With respect to McMillan, this plan highlights a series of mixed use development projects towards boosting the economic development of Ward 5. It states that retail and service facilities in the area are woefully inadequate to respond to the needs and demands of the resident population and other potential patrons and clients. In particular, the McMillan Sand Filter Site is slated to be developed in conjunction with the North Capitol Street commercial area in order to provide a regional economic development activity. Equity investment opportunities for ward residents and businesses may be included as part of development proposals where major public actions are required to make projects feasible and successful, such as the McMillan Sand Filter site. The plan states that developers should commit and provide public benefits or amenities to a neighborhood in exchange for community support and public actions needed for the development project. As part of this project, a full service library is proposed for the McMillan Sand Filter site.

Section 1624 of the Ward 5 plan captures WARD 5 ACTIONS IN SUPPORT OF PRESERVATION AND HISTORIC FEATURES. Namely for McMillan, ensure that plans for the future development of the site adequately preserve and protect important elements of the old filtration plant as an integral part of the total development scheme for the site; and preserve important historic structures, identified by the final historic
resources report and pursue appropriate landmark status for preserved parts of the site.

According to section 1630 in this plan, D.C. Law 8-129 designates the land for moderate density commercial, medium density residential and parks, recreation and open space. This includes working with Wards 1, 4 and 5 in refining the final design approach for the area in terms of the scale of development. In turn, the plan recommends that development proposals are consistent with the designation of the site in the Comprehensive Plan as enacted by the Council of the District of Columbia

04. DC Comprehensive Plan Draft Excerpts – This is a draft of the DC Comprehensive Plan, dated May 2006. In one excerpt of the draft it states: Policy MC-2.6.5: Scale and Mix of New Uses: Recognize that development on portions of the McMillan Sand Filtration site may be necessary to stabilize the site and provide the desired open space and amenities. Where development takes place, it should consist of moderate- to medium-density housing and retail uses. Any development on the site should maintain viewsheds and vistas and be situated in a way that minimizes impacts on historic resources and adjacent development.

05. DC Preservation Office McMillan Land Mark Decision – This is the DC decision to designate the McMillan Park Reservoir (both west and east of 1st Street NW) as a Historic Landmark with inclusion in the DC Inventory of Historic Sites as of August 21, 1991.

06. Existing Conditions Assessment (August 2000) – Prepared for the Office of Planning by Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc and Hammer, Siler, George Associates. The purpose of this report was to gain community input into the revitalization of the McMillan Reservoir Sand Filtration Site and report upon that input as of July 29, 2000.

The general findings of the site cover site and land use constraints and opportunities as well as historic constraints and opportunities. The study also conducted a market study of the area, drawing certain conclusions for use of the site with respect to trends in DC (e.g. substantial unmet demand for office space) which may or may not still hold true. A high-level transportation analysis was also conducted.

07. Final Report and Recommendations by Greenhorne and O’Mara (January 2001) – Prepared for the Office of Planning by Greenhorne & O’Mara, Inc. This final report notes a number of aspects of the development process. For example, it indicates that it may be preferable to build consensus on future site disposition through a design competition and actual designs, rather than initially through an RFP.

Out of this study, and later reflected in a summary of recommendations report (see attached #24) were a series of goals and objectives to provide measurable criteria for evaluating any future proposal for disposition, design, and neighborhood compatibility for improvements of the site. These goals and objectives cover provision for open space, preservation and adaptive reuse of the site features (to include reuse of the currently stable cells and restoration and incorporation of the McMillan Fountain), creative thinking, mitigation of neighborhood impacts, feasibility, and responsiveness to community needs and concerns. For these goals and objectives, this report lays out a set of recommendations and principals for any selective redevelopment. These recommendations include the selective development where underground filter cells need to be demolished, the adoption of design guidelines to ensure attention is given to preservation goals and the appropriateness of the density, minimization of traffic generation, and development of the site only as an offset to the cost of site stabilization.

In addition to general recommendations, this report also lays out implementation strategies to ensure adherence to the stated goals and objectives. This includes a design competition, request for Statements of Interest (RSIs), selection of finalists to receive the RFP, consideration of a linkage process in order to make the development proposition more valuable to potential developers, and evaluation of other potential roles of the revitalization entity.

It should be noted that a series of potential development concepts were presented in this report to facilitate discussions between the various stakeholders of this project. Each concept represented a certain level of development with Concept C representing “High Intensity” site development. Under this scenario, the site would see 445,500 square feet of development covering 20.2 acres of the site. The current development plan proposes over twice as much development for the site, albeit over less of the surface area of the site.

08. Handouts and Boards including Text

09. Landscape Survey and Treatment Plan – 2002 – This survey report was prepared by Parsons for the Office of Planning under a federal grant-in-aid issued to DC from the National Park Service (HPF Grant 11-01-16408). The purpose of this report was to determine what existed on the McMillan Sand Filtration Site of the original design, plantings, and other landscape features, and to make recommendations on how they should be preserved and interpreted.

10. McMillan Aerial Map – November 1999

11. McMillan Area Development

12. McMillian Comprehensive Profile

13. McMillian Market Profile

14. McMillan MOU (Executed Copy)

15. NCRC Pre-Apprenticeship Agreement July 2006

17. Preliminary Research

18. Public Forum No. 1 – May 9, 1989

19. Public Forum No. 2 – May 24, 1989

20. PUD Definition

21. QEA McMillan Report 26 June 06

22. Quitclaim Deed

23. Structural Geotechnical Engineering Evaluation of McMillan Filtration Site

24. Summary of Recommendations for Site Revitalization February 1, 2001

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