Cell Preservation Costs and Stability

Structural/Geotechncial Engineering Evaluation of the McMillan Filter Site (2000) – according to this study, the current condition of the underground cells on the McMillan site fall into three categories: 1) Type I – unstable/unsafe; 2) Type II – stable, except at edges; and, 3) Type III – stable. This report states that 12 of the 20 cells are either Type II or Type III while 8 cells are Type I. The cost to preserve cell types II and III are: $2,020,000 and $1,790,000, respectively per cell if used for open space; $2,250,000 and $2,020,000, per cell if developing a one-story structure; $2,560,000 and $2,330,000 per cell if developing a four-story structure. The cost to demolish and fill the cells is approximately $1.0 to $1.5 million less per cell; however, the method of fill in described in this report does not mirror the current Vision McMillan Partners plan for demolishing the cells. That cost is currently unknown.


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