Economic Analysis (2011)

VMP – Revised Fiscal & Economic Impact Analysis (2011) – this document was filed as Exhibit I of the Planned Unit Development (PUD) application and created by Green Door Advisors. Key highlights from this document include: [need to pull out specific information]

VMP – Fiscal Impact Narrative – this narrative is a subset of the information contained in the Fiscal & Economic Impact Analysis commissioned by Vision McMillan Partners and developed by the Green Door Advisors. According to this narrative, Washington DC will see a 30-year return of approximately $513 million from this project (the majority of this return will be generated from real property tax and income tax), or roughly $17 million a year. According to this same study, the new development will generate approximately 1,584 permanent jobs of which 679 are to be set aside for DC residents (includes jobs set aside for hotel employment which no longer exists in the master plan). It should be noted that this fiscal impact assessment is out of date and still includes estimates for senior housing (179 of 760 units) along with a hotel (no longer included in the master plan).


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