Meeting Minutes

March MAG Meeting Minutes (03.12.15) -Draft- Official Minutes Pending

February 2015 MAG Meeting Minutes (02.12.2015)

January 2015 MAG Meeting Minutes (01.08.2015)

December 2014 MAG Meeting Minutes (12-11-14)

November MAG Meeting Minutes (11-16-14)

November 2014 Special MAG meeting minutes (11-6-14)

October 2014 MAG Meeting Minutes (10-9-14)

September 2014 MAG Meeting Minutes (9-11-14)

August 2014 MAG Meeting Minutes (8-14-14)

July 2014 MAG Meeting Minutes (7-10-14)

June 2014 MAG Meeting Minutes (6-12-14)

Note: No Official May MAG Meeting- ANC/VMP Meeting on CBA Held

April 2014 MAG CBA Meeting Minutes (4-24-14)

April 2014 CBA Meeting Minutes (4-17-14)

April 2014 MAG Meeting Minutes (4-10-14)

March 2014 Meeting Minutes (3-13-14) – Draft

February 2014 CBA Meeting Minutes (2-27-14) – Draft

February 2014 Meeting Minutes (2-20-14) – Draft

January 2014 MAG CBA Meeting Minutes (1-23-14)

January 2014 MAG Meeting Minutes (1-9-14)

December 2013 MAG Meeting Minutes (12-12-13)

November 2013 Meeting Minutes (11-14-13): During this meeting, C. Dianne Barnes presented a letter of support, with attachments from the Historic Preservation Office, for stage one of the VMP P.U.D. (see MAG Letter of Support to Mayor’s Agent with attachments). Support of, and agreement with, this letter was not voted on by MAG voting members and the topic was tabled. Prior to this vote, VMP legal counsel representatives spoke to the upcoming approval process. The next step is to go before the zoning commission, to which a planned unit development (PUD) application will be filed imminently (within the week). Ms. Corbett stated that the PUD application would not be made available for review before submission. Office of Planning will then determine whether the application has enough merit to warrant a hearing, to be scheduled 60 days out from the third week in January (hearing is likely in April 2014). Upon a preliminary decision, the application is forwarded to the National Capitol Planning Commission (NCPC) before returning to the zoning commission. Following review of any comments, a written order is issued approximately 4 months later. Once that hearing takes place, the plan will go before the Mayor’s Agent (HPO email list will provide updates) based on the VMP request for demolition of the cells. If the project passes the Mayor’s Agent, it will go back to the HPRB for review and refinement of designs.David Maloney was the person assigned to decide whether the development requires review by the President’s Advisory Council (determination unclear).
Following this discussion, members voted to establish seven committees and discussed concerns within those committees (specifically the current status of senior housing and traffic mitigation steps).

October 2013 Meeting Minutes (10-10-13) – During this meeting, members voted on the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair. In the two races, C. Dianne Barnes was elected to the position of Chair by a 10 to 5 vote and Chris Leptak was elected to the position of Vice-Chair by a 9 to 6 vote. Tony Norman objected prior to the vote on the grounds that  Jennifer McCann should not vote as proxy for the second Bloomingdale rep in lieu of Dianne Barnes.  Teri Janine Quinn stated that she believes the MAG was not to question the process by which representative groups chose their representatives to the MAG.  The vote was taken upon acknowledgement of the objection and Jennifer McCann was allowed to participate in this vote. Members also heard a presentation on senior housing from the Seabury Resources for Aging Executive Director, Joe Resch, and Board Member, Joe Howell. The presenters suggested that the VMP plan is a great opportunity to add up to 150 ‘Housing 202’ units that target seniors with an income of under $25,000 given the close proximity to a hospital. No actions were taken with respect to senior housing. Members also heard a presentation from VMP on the revised master plan, clarifying that: the designed grocery/apartment building is proposed to be 75 feet tall with 60,000 square feet of parking; one leg is to be set aside for senior housing (80 of 280 total housing units) but require compensation in the form of a subsidy of $100,000 per unit in order to keep this housing below market rate. VMP agreed to look into providing an on-site visit of McMillan and reminded attendees of the open house on November 16, 2013.

September 2013 Meeting Minutes (9-12-13) – During this meeting, members voted on the various elected MAG officer positions (no resolution reached except for the Secretary position), approved the revised bylaws with specific amendments, voted to approve the formation of two new committees: the Housing Committee (cover affordable and senior housing options) and the Historical Preservation Committee. and agreed to invite guest speakers to the next MAG meeting to discuss senior housing options.

July 2013 Minutes (7-25-13) – During this meeting, members agreed to add MAG position to represent the Pleasant Plains and Park View communities (one for each group), within a one-mile radius of the site, and the Eckington Civic Association (one position) as a revision to the accepted MAG bylaws. Any discussion of voting members sending a proxy in their place was tabled for a future MAG meeting. Member agreed to hold elections at the next official MAG meeting, September 12th, and have Dianne Barnes serve as acting chair and Devi Keller serve as acting Secretary until that time. It was agreed to forego an August 2012 MAG meeting.

June 2013 Minutes (6-20-13)

May 2013 Minutes (5-9-13)

March 2013 Minutes (3-14-13) – During this meeting, members discussed necessary revisions to the MAG bylaws that would bring closure to outstanding questions regarding membership, purpose, and proxies taking the place of members not in attendance. It was discussed that the purpose of MAG representatives, according to the December 2007 letter of commitment, is to share McMillan development updates with the community and solicit community feedback for discussing during MAG meetings. Members agreed to draft revised bylaws to address concerns discussed in this meeting and to include membership positions in those bylaws for any persons in the community whom approach the bylaws committee. Ms. Barnes presented a list of the MAG members as of 2009 (need this handout).

February 2013 Minutes (2-21-13) – During this meeting, members discussed DC Water and Sewer Authority (DCWASA) plans to use select underground cells in McMillan Park as part of a larger effort to mitigate the flooding impacting the Bloomingdale community. Specifically, DCWASA plans to divert a total of 6 million gallons of storm water in two cells with worked scheduled for completion in March 2014. Ms. Corbett presented updates to the Vision McMillan Partners (VMP) plan to include: an increase in the size of the proposed park space to 6.6 acres,  a height of 75 feet for the grocery store (20 feet) with apartments above (55 feet), apartments will be available for persons making 50% of the median income to market rates, the exclusion of senior housing from the development plan, and the integration of affordable housing. Ms. Corbett was unclear on the use of the silos but agreed to work with the MAG going forward.

January 2013 Minutes (1-10-13) – During this meeting, members discussed assorted topics to be address by Ms. Corbertt of Vision McMillan Partners (VMP). The discussion centered on the impact of DCWASA plans to convert two underground cells of McMillan into storm water (not sewage) capture cells on the larger VMP development plans, the ability of VMP to move forward without Historic Preservation Review Board (HPRB) approval of the larger VMP Master Plan. Ms. Corbett stated that VMP will continue to work with Steve Callcott of the HPRB, is trying to secure anchor tenants such as a grocery store, and make design changes to align with comments from the ANC 5E (formerly ANC 5C). Ms. Corbett could not speak to whether VMP would request additional money from the DC government to compensate for any delays that may arise from the DCWASA construction plans.

November 2012 Minutes (11-8-12) – During this meeting, members discussed the designation of MAG committees, bylaws and updating the list of MAG membership, and zoning designation of McMillan by the city.

October 2012 Minutes (10-11-12) – During the meeting, members discussed the status of the draft bylaws. Anne Corbett of VMP presented an update on the McMillan development plans: ongoing discussion regarding the land disposition agreement and both how the land would be assessed and whether open competition would yield a higher return for the city; feedback on HPRB presentation made in September 2012 during which the HPRB requested changes to the VMP Master Plan; discussion of grocery store tenant; and, timeframes for approval of the zoning PUD. Shiv Newaldass of the Deputy Mayor’s Office for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) presented budget and financial information associate with the McMillan Project: the city has committed $76 million towards the development of which $51.4 million are for historic preservation and community amenities; approximately 15 acres of McMillan is likely to be purchased by VMP for development for $30-$35 million from the city in the form of ‘land pads’; and, the city plans to recoup these expenses within 4-5 years through the sale of land on McMillan and tax revenues. Members of the MAG discussed concerns with the budget and land appraisal process following Shiv’s presentation. No responses were provided by city officials who suggested that FOIA requests be submitted to obtain this information.

September 2012 Minutes (9-13-12) – During this meeting, members heard from VMP on the updated development plans for McMillan. Anne Corbett, project director for VMP, handed out revised plans that include: intersection of Middle Street at Evarts, inclusion of three new ‘pocket’ parks, and preservation of part of the Olmstead walk. She stated that the community feedback was that the pool on McMillan would be a regional destination. This was followed by a brief discussion of flooding issues and DCWASA possible uses of McMillan to mitigate the issue as well as possible family programs offered at McMillan. Ms. Corbett clarified that the city is contributing $50 million and VMP $30 million for public works, everything from sewers to parks. No action was taken as some members requested additional financial information to determine the profit being generated by VMP for the development.

August 2012 Minutes (8-9-12)

July 2012 Minutes (7-19-12)

May 2012 Minutes (5-17-12)

April 2012 Minutes (4-28-12)


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