November 2012 Minutes (11-8-12) – During this meeting, members discussed the designation of MAG committees, bylaws and updating the list of MAG membership, and zoning designation of McMillan by the city.

October 2012 Minutes (10-11-12) – During the meeting, members discussed the status of the draft bylaws. Anne Corbett of VMP presented an update on the McMillan development plans: ongoing discussion regarding the land disposition agreement and both how the land would be assessed and whether open competition would yield a higher return for the city; feedback on HPRB presentation made in September 2012 during which the HPRB requested changes to the VMP Master Plan; discussion of grocery store tenant; and, timeframes for approval of the zoning PUD. Shiv Newaldass of the Deputy Mayor’s Office for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) presented budget and financial information associate with the McMillan Project: the city has committed $76 million towards the development of which $51.4 million are for historic preservation and community amenities; approximately 15 acres of McMillan is likely to be purchased by VMP for development for $30-$35 million from the city in the form of ‘land pads’; and, the city plans to recoup these expenses within 4-5 years through the sale of land on McMillan and tax revenues. Members of the MAG discussed concerns with the budget and land appraisal process following Shiv’s presentation. No responses were provided by city officials who suggested that FOIA requests be submitted to obtain this information.

September 2012 Minutes (9-13-12) – During this meeting, members heard from VMP on the updated development plans for McMillan. Anne Corbett, project director for VMP, handed out revised plans that include: intersection of Middle Street at Evarts, inclusion of three new ‘pocket’ parks, and preservation of part of the Olmstead walk. She stated that the community feedback was that the pool on McMillan would be a regional destination. This was followed by a brief discussion of flooding issues and DCWASA possible uses of McMillan to mitigate the issue as well as possible family programs offered at McMillan. Ms. Corbett clarified that the city is contributing $50 million and VMP $30 million for public works, everything from sewers to parks. No action was taken as some members requested additional financial information to determine the profit being generated by VMP for the development.

August 2012 Minutes (8-9-12)

July 2012 Minutes (7-19-12)

May 2012 Minutes (5-17-12)

April 2012 Minutes (4-28-12)


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